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As summer comes to an end and fall begins, windows are opened and air conditioning systems are turned off, to be forgotten about until next spring. While your air conditioning system is far down on the list of important things to think about during the harsh colder months, your unit can easily be ruined by unexpected winter damage. By taking fifteen minutes or so to evaluate and prepare your AC system for the winter season, you can ensure that it will work the following spring.

  • Shut off your exterior circuit– Each air conditioning system has an exterior circuit that is usually located in a gray box on the side of a house. By turning off the power to your AC system during winter months, you’ll guarantee that it won’t turn on during winter months. While this might seem trivial in terms of protecting your system, accidentally turning on the AC during the dead of January will be detrimental as the water filled condenser will freeze and be destroyed. By opening the box, you will see a red handle which should be pulled out, rotated and firmly pressed back into its place.


  • Making sure seals are tight- External units usually have rubber tubes and seals that help protect your system. After turning the power off, check to make sure tubing isn’t cracked and seals aren’t broken. In the case of finding cracked seals or tubes, contact one of our friendly professionals at Cold King Air.


  • Cleaning the unit– dead leaves, overgrown bushes, grass clippings and other forms of debris can prevent your system from functioning properly and decrease its longevity.


  • Covering the unit– Covering an external unit might seem like a routine your grandparents would have been familiar with; however, unlike the dated fads of covered couches and cars, covering an air unit is truly beneficial and will greatly increase its lifespan. AC system protective covers are usually between $15 and $30 at major hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowe’s.

By allowing fifteen or twenty minutes to prep your air conditioning system for winter, you can increase the longevity of your system and rest assured that it will work when you turn it on for the first hot day next summer.