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It’s not uncommon for a hot water heater to die less than a decade after its installation and this is unfortunate because there are several small and simple steps that one can take to avoid a hot water heater’s untimely death. Just as it’s important for us to maintain our vehicles by avoiding crucially low gas levels and scheduling frequent oil changes, hot water heaters too need basic support. By following the few simple steps below, you can avoid a financial crisis and keep your hot water heater efficiently working for years to come.

Both electric and gas hot water heaters feature pressure release valves that should be checked bi-yearly. By maintaining proper pressure in your hot water heater, you will avoid the likely-hood of having inefficient low pressure levels or the opposite consequence of high pressure levels which can result in dangerous explosions.

1. Firstly, turn off the gas or electric to your heater. (Gas heaters will have a pilot switch that can be flipped to “off”)
2. Turn off the connection of cold water to the heater and place a large bucket or pan below the pressure valve.
3. Turning on the trip lever to the valve should result in a pop of air before the release of vapor or water. If no water is released then it’s usually time for a new valve to be attached. After attaching a new valve, connect a garden hose to the drain spigot.

After your tank has been drained, the system is then ready to be flushed.

1. Turn off the cold water and make sure that the gas or electric is disconnected to the heater.
2. Making certain that the hose is attached to the drain valve, open the pressure release valve.
3. After draining the tank, close the drain spigot and remove the hose. Be sure that the relief valve has been turned off.
4. Throughout your home, turn on all faucets before opening the cold water connection to the tank. When the cold water is reconnected, water should flow freely out of the spouts throughout the house. When you see that the water is flowing normally, you can turn off all of the sinks throughout the house.
5. After completing these steps, simply turn on the electricity or make sure the gas lever is switched to “run.”

By following these easy and effective steps, you will lengthen the longevity of your hot water heater. By maintaining proper pressures and flushing your tank twice a year, you’ll save money and avoid a potentially dangerous and costly disaster. If you have any other questions or need assistance with maintaining your hot water heater, please contact one of our friendly Cold King Corp professionals!